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I am an aspiring “Jacq” of all trades who loves to create and to help bring others’ creative visions to life. I have experience in supporting production in all stages of development, from pre-production to delivery and marketing of media content.

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My Story

Hi, My name's JQ. The JQ stands for Jacquelyn, but I don't like Jacquelyn, I just like the J and the Q and that's it.


Growing up, I was an avid reader (especially of the Junie B. Jones series, if you couldn't tell) and my hobby of reading soon transformed into a fascination for words and writing. Instead of taking diligent notes in my math classes, I would doodle little stories in the margins. It soon became apparent that my love to create something out of nothing would be the driving force in my life.

I attended the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. I found myself at a loss for what I wanted to pursue after graduation. I was interviewing for an internship when the agency asked if I would like to PA for one of their clients. What began as an extended interview soon became my newest passion. A set keeps you on your toes, employs creative problem solving, and forces you to look at situations in new ways. I get to help bring other's creative vision to life while employing my own creativity. 

Since that fateful interview, I have worked as a Production Assistant, Style Assistant, Covid Compliance Officer, Production Coordinator, and Producer. I have planned travel, scouted locations, puzzled together schedules, managed budgets, assisted in agency and street casting, and so much more. I am familiar with e-commerce, as well as the planning and execution of a lifestyle shoot, for both photo and video. During my four years in the industry, I have worked in-house for Cavender's and contracted for a film company located in Dallas, TX. Currently, I am back to my freelancing roots, and am represented by The Producer's Agent.


I am based out of the DFW area, but I can work as a local in Houston, TX and Denver, CO. I am also open to travel! 

My clients include JCPenney, Levi's, Cavender's, Nutella, Chick-fil-A, TCU, Haggar, Chase Bank, Champion, Tostitos and more.

When I'm not diving into my work, I'm diving into any adventure life has to offer. I love hiking, trying new recipes, and tirelessly re-watching The Office. You can typically find me in the gym or browsing the aisles of Trader Joe's.

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